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arrowReleased: 1990  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Kyle writes:
Virtual swiss army knife of effects processors. Basically a Quadraverb+ with an analog preamp section tacked on for guitar effects.

This unit allows you to have 11 simultaneous effects (6 analog + 5 digital). Its preamp section is geared towards guitarists, but it is great for adding the extra "grit" to keyboards or drums.

Unlike its later siblings, the GT only has eight different effects routing combinations. While this may sound like a limitation, in fact you will be hard pressed to not find a combination that works for the effect you are trying to achieve.

The default effects are great, but are primarily aimed at guitarists with lots of overdrive and distortion. It is a good thing that any of the presets can be overwritten for those who are using other instruments. Every effect has several editable parameters that allow you to fine tune the sound. Eight parameters can be controlled in real-time via midi.

Reverbs: plate, room, chamber, hall, reverse (all of which can be gated) Pitch effects: chorus, flange, detune, leslie, phaser Delays: Ping pong, mono, stereo, multitap EQ's: 3-band parametric, 5-band graphic, 11-band graphic Additional: LFO Panning, tremolo, ring modulation, tunable resonators, sampling

Good Points
A studio-full of effects in one unit. Can act as two independent processors, analog and digital. Easy to program and modify. Lots of effect variations and set ups. Great bargin.
Bad Points
Can be noisy at times. Reverbs are not the most clean and are sometimes weak.

 Alesis Quadraverb GT Specifications:

Analog IOs:
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
1 stereo effects send & return
Maximum Resolution:44k@16bits
3-band parametric, 5-band graphic, 11-band graphic
compression, overdrive, distortion, presence, bass boost, cabinet simulator, and noise gate. All available simultaneously.
99 fully editable presets. 5 reverb types, 4 delay typess, 5 pitch mods, 3 eq's, tremolo. All five types of digitial effects are available simultaneously.

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