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 Amek 9098 DMA mic pre At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: Unknown...1997 I think  arrowVersion: 0.00
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kamurah writes:
The 9898 DMA is manufacutured by Amek and designed by the famous Rupert Neve. This unit is a dual mic pre based on the Amek 9098 console and includes XLR, and 1/4" DI inputs. There is independent phantom power selection for each well as an LF rolloff switch. Gain is stepped in 6db increments and there is a fine tune "trim" knob to get levels just right. Phase reversal, mute, and an M/S section are available to tailor the sound.

If you want to hear what a high end pre can do for your mics...check out the 9098.

Good Points
-Ultra smooth sound. Top notch mic amplification from the master of audio design. - Not totally "clean" but not ovely "colored" for a mic pre. Adds a nice "sheen" to anything put through it. Allows you to get superior signal regardless of input source. - flexible input options and stereo support - designed by Rupert Neve!!!
Bad Points
- Expensive (but worth it) - no inserts (for compressors or EQ) - knobs could be sturdier

 Amek 9098 DMA mic pre Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Other IOs:
2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4"
LF rolloff

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