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arrowReleased: 1998  arrowVersion: 0.00
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shakil writes:
SW1000XG Specifications

More than 1000 normal voices and more than 45 drum kits (kits... not sounds... kits! including the way cool 'Coffin kit' and a host of new analog drum samples). 20 MB wave ROM with more than 1000 PCM samples. Up to 7 independent 24 bit effects sections including 12 Reverb, 14 Chorus, 70 Variation, 43 Insertion1 and 43 Insertion 2 effects, 5-band multi EQs on the master stage, and channelised EQ with hi/low and gain on every single part! Optional PLG boards add whole new synths.

2 AD inputs for independent analog effects processing, stereo analog outputs, SPDIF, plus 48 channel MIDI support Tone Generation : AWM2 + optional PLG100VL (Virtual Acoustic Synthesis). Sound Module Mode : XG (including VL-XG if fitted ), TG300B (GS), C/M (MT32) all fully programmable. Multi-timbral Capacity : 48 parts internal, 16 part external (64 part total). Optional PLG cards can add over 1000 new voices without affecting existing sounds. Optional PLG100VH harmoniser card, offering muti part vocal harmoniser functions. This is a half length (so it will fit in any PCI slot) PCI level 2.0/2.1 compliant card SPDIF digital connector). Internal multipin buss interface for connection to the DSP Factory card system (see the DSP Factory page in the Pro Audio section for more info on this). This means that the SW1000XG can run alongside and in perfect sync with all of the functions of the DSP Factory system).

Architecture PCI Bus Master OS compatibility PC: Win95/Win98 Mac: OS 7.61 or higher Audio converter Stereo 20 bit ADC Digital audio Stereo 18 bit DAC SNR (A-weighted) 90+ dB (and we are being very modest!) Digital Audio Features Full duplex Recording tracks Up to 4 mono/2 Stereo Playback tracks With DSP processing/per track 12 mono/6 stereo. Unlimited amount of standard wave playback tracks (depends on speed of your hard disk!) Recording rate 44.1/22/11/47 KHz Playback rate 48/44.1/22/11/8 Khz Recording resolution 16bit stereo or 32 bit (mono) Playback resolution as above MIDI Features 64 MIDI channel support, 48 internal, 16 external Tone Generation Method AWM2 (new architectures may be added using PLG technology) Maximum Simultaneous Polyphony 64 internal (up to 64 extra via PLG boards) Wave ROM size 20 MB Sound Module Mode XG/TG300B/GS/GM/CM(MT32) Internal Voices/Program Structure 1267 normal programs (over 2200 when PLG100DX is fitted) XG mode 1074 (800 extra with PLG100DX, 256 extra with PLG100VL) TG300B mode 614 C/M mode 128 (Parts 1-9) 64 (Parts 11-16) Drum Programs 46 drum kits total, split across XG mode and TG300B mode Effects 6 effects busses (+1 if PLG100VH fitted) 6 independent effects: Reverb (12 types), Chorus (14 types), Variation (70 types), Insertion 1, 2 (43 types each), 5-band EQ (4 types) Jacks & Terminals A/D input stereo Analog output R, L (RCA-pin) Digital output (S/PDIF) MIDI interface (DIN 6 pins, cable supplied) Internal digital connector for DSP Factory DS2416 Internal digital connector for PLG100-VL/VH System Requirements See your support software! PC: Yamaha recommend any genuine Intel Pentium 1/2/3 machine with 32 MB of physical RAM and 1 free PCI slot for most applications such as VST, Logic or Cakewalk Pro Audio. Mac: Power PC 604/150 (minimum) with 32MB RAM, 512k L2 Cache fitted. For VST, 128 MB RAM is highly recommended. System 7.61 or higher. See your software requirements for more info.

Good Points
Lots of effects 32 parts 2 MIDI ports Complete sysex implementation Guitars: excellent strings: good bass: excellent piano: good drums: OK brass: good
Bad Points
drums not so fat

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