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arrowReleased: 1995  arrowVersion: 0.00
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John Schwarz writes:
This 8 channel gate rocks - no pops and attack times of 20 nano-seconds! Very simple to use - 2 rack spaces, 16 LEDs to monitor each gate (8 for open or closed & 1 of the other 8 lights up when it is selected for editing). Roatry knobs for EVERY parameter.

Parameters include key filter (you a HPF and a LPF - cool!), Threshold, Attack, Hold Time, Release Time and Range (0 to -82 db). Channels can be linked to adjacent channels, also sorts of trigger options. A huge alpha wheel for scrolling through parameters - MASSIVE MIDI IMPLEMENTATION. If you live MIDI, your found love!

For the PRO Audio guys - BALANCED Inputs and Outputs --- OR --- UNBALANCED, this is a menu option. No popping, on the fastest times the Drammer units pop, the ART is silent and fast.

The LCD display is 40 character by two lines - alot like the display on the rackmount Korg M1r's - works very well for this unit. You can name each channel or channel group, store scenes (up to 100 scenes).

All in all, a really very nice unit. If I was looking at a PreSonus ACP88 and didn't compression, the ART blows away the ACP88 (I had one too). I've never had this much over gates before, it's addictive.

Compared to the LA Audio Multigate (circa 1994/1995), the Multigate has 16 channels, but it's unbalanced. The multigate seems to become a drummer's friend, whereas the Pro Gate is more for audio recording. The unit is clean and transparent; if you're looking for some sound character, look somewhere else.

I give this unit a 9.5 out of 10; today's gear has infinite options, this unit is from 1995, so I'm sure somebody would always want some other feature.

Good Points
If the gate is turned off, the signal pass through, unaffected. Power switch on the front. You can lockout people from making changes (this is soft-edit in the set-up). Great display - easy to read at almost any angle. Built in power - no wall wart. Balanced and unblanced operation. Good user manual - although you won't need it much.
Bad Points
Can't mix and match balanced & unbalanced; either all balanced, or all unbalanced. Linking channel is limited to adjacent channels - alittle tricky to set up linking.

 ART Pro Gate - 8 Channel Noise Gate Specifications:

Analog IOs:
8 in / 8 out + 8 Triggers
Midi IOs:
Maximum Resolution:N/A
Software supported:

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