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 Soundtower XVEdit Pro for Roland XV series At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 06/02/02  arrowVersion: 1.12
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Michael Baas writes:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE announces the release of XVEdit Pro for the Roland XV series of synthesizers.

Irvine, California U.S.A. (June, 2002) -, a designer of sound and effect editors and librarians for MIDI instruments, has announced the release of full-scale editor and librarian software for the Roland XV-5080, XV-3080, XV-88 and XV-5050 series of synthesizers.

The program, XVEdit Pro, allows users full control over all the parameters on the Roland XV synth via MIDI through a GUI interface on a computer. The synth's Tones, Patches, Performances and Rhythms can be created and edited through a system of sliders and other graphical tools. A full scale librarian feature allows users to organize all banks for easy loading and saving of edits. All future upgrades of the software are free. It is written specifically for Windows PCs.

Features: · Complete integration with the Roland XV series of synthesizers. Every value knob change changes the controls in the editor in real time. · Full control of all Tones, Patches, Performances and Rhythms in detailed yet user-friendly screens. · Edit all parameters of all 4 tones in a patch at one time. · Mix all 32 channels in performance mode, including panning and effects. Edit patches from within performance mode. · Patch Librarian: Flexible way to save your patches to librarian files. Quickly and easily browse patches and tones in your library. · Management of all patch creations and performances – Easily save songs on the fly. Complete SYSEX implimentation. · Mix and match rhythm waveforms to create custom kits easily. Save kits easily with Rhythm Key Tone Librarian. · Detailed editing of all 96 Multieffects – every single parameter. · Multieffects, Reverb and Chorus Librarians: Save your effect settings and apply them to Performances, Patches and Rhythms with one click. · Full 32 Bit Architecture - Very fast load time and little CPU load. · Cubase Patch Script Generation - automatically create scripts sorted by banks or by patch categories and performance banks. · Multi-Partial Creation via MIDI for XV-5080 (coming soon) · Copy/Paste functions available on many parameters.

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Media Contact: Mike Baas Phone: 714-415-4252 Fax: 800-443-1460 Email: XVEdit Pro for the XV5080/3080/88/5050 is owned and copyrighted by Initself Technologies, 2002.

 Soundtower XVEdit Pro for Roland XV series Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Hardware supported:
XV-5080, XV-3080, XV-88, XV-5050

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