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sebounet writes:
Excellent mixing console offering good flexibility, lots of tracks, good sound, and a very low price. As good as some more expensive consoles. PFL, solo on every track, every track easily assignable to bus 1-2, 3-4 or/and main mix. Gain on every track, 8 tracks convertible between line/mic. 60mm linear faders. External power supply.

Good Points
The price, the quality, the flexibility, the 6 effect send (you need to use tracks for the returns of the effects...)
Bad Points
Lacks XLR output. I wish they did the same non-rackable for the same price, as I cannot stand those so small buttons. Lacks some visual indicators. If you work with the MX 2624A, do not forget a lamp!

 BEHRINGER EURORACK 2642A Specifications:

Analog IOs:
8 mono + 8 stereo + 4 stereo ins. 8 direct outs + 4 group out + 2 main out + 2 tape out
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
Insert points for every track
Busses/Subgroups: 4 busses
Aux sends: 6 sends, returns wherever you want
mono tracks: high, middle parametric, bass (all +- 15db). Stereo tracks: 1 high, 1 hi middle, 1 low middle, 1 bass (all +- 15db)
Software supported:

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