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 Urei/JBL 7110 At a Glance  
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spectralab writes:
this is one great sounding compressor, especially for current used prices. aside from the FMR Audio RNC, it's probably the only sub-$1000 compressor worth owning. Unlike the RNc however, this box ads a pretty substantial degree of color to the sound. it features all of the usual compressor controls: threshold (range +10 to -40), attack and release, ratio (range 1.5:1 to infinity:1) and output (make-up) gain (range -20 to +20). what sets it apart from other compressors, is that it also has a variable control for RMS or Peak operation. this feature is present on other compressors, but usually as a switch, not a rotary. this extra control give the 7110 a greater tonal range, in the sense that, even with the same settings of the rest of the controls, variations of this control can drastically affect the nature of the output sound... from a slight "tightening" to a complete "squash"... there is also an "auto" mode for attack and release, making the unit a no-brainer for those who don't know or don't care to mess with compression settings too much... 16-segment LED meters for gain reduction and (switchable) input/output... overall, the unit has a great and robust tone and I would happily use alongside more expensive/quality compressors... I have even heard some say that they prefer this unit to the Empircal Labs EL8/Distressor (!!)... my only gripe with the 7110 is that it has no bypass switch

Good Points
great tone, clear metering, comprehensive and easy controls, comprehensive I/O, inexpensive, knob for Peak/RMS control
Bad Points
no bypass switch

 Urei/JBL 7110 Specifications:

Analog IOs:
balanced XLR, unbalanced 1/4", barrier strip
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
detector/sidechain input
it *is* a dynamics processor...
output transformer, I believe

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