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 Yamaha MJC-8 At a Glance  
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A fairly basic MIDI patchbay from Yamaha, a 1-U device with 8 MIDI ins and 8 MIDI outs. As a MIDI thru box, it covers the basics: Any single MIDI in can be routed to one or more MIDI outs. It has 50 memory patches for performance arrangements.

Good Points
It's cheap. Used units can be had between $50-75. 1-U rackmount form factor good for small home racks (one less module sitting on the table top).
Bad Points
No MIDI merge, so forget using it for much interactive programming between synth and computer. Not supported by most editor/librarian software other than as a simple MIDI thru. Manual is nearly impossible to find.

 Yamaha MJC-8 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Midi IOs:
8 in, 8 out

 MJC-8 Links

"Impossible to find" manual - try this

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