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 M-Audio (Midiman) Sp-5B At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: December 2001?  arrowVersion: 0.00
arrowRated: 7.3/10arrow User reviews: (14)
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grant writes:
These are Midiman/M-Audio's first venture into the studio monitor market. I was initially attracted to them because of the low price. I gave them a test listen using some commercial CD's at the local Guitar Center, and was not disappointed. These things sound way better than just about every home stereo or "Home Theater" installation i've ever seen. I don't have experience with any other studio monitors, but for the asking price on these things, you really can't go wrong. My idea was to purchase them (for $145 a piece after tax) and if I was dissatisfied with them, buy a set of "REAL" studio mons, and use the SP-5B's as satellite speakers in a 5.1 type setup. You would not believe the sound of these speakers! Even a friend who installs "professional" home theater sound systems was totally impressed with the quality of the speaker. The bass pumps and the bass response gets pretty low. They definently sound better than my parents $1000+ pioneer home stereo (which has like 12 in. subs). Give these a listen at the local music shop. Hate to sound like the head of M-Audio marketing, but, "Your ears will not believe the price". I salute the brilliant German enginneering of these speakers! Way to go! I Can't wait till they release the sub-woofer that is matched with these monitors.

Good Points
Low Price, Pivoting Tweeters for Custon Installation, Cool Blue LED's on face, Sounds Great!
Bad Points
I wish there was a volume control on the front of the speaker, and maybe a power switch.

 M-Audio (Midiman) Sp-5B Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Analog IOs:
2 ins
Maximum Resolution:24bit/96Khz ?
Power Rating
40w woofer/30w tweeter

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