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 JBL LSR25P At a Glance  
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Marc Bennett writes:
Small compact Bi-active studio monitor with 2 reflex ports of the front. Nice looking speakers with power switches on the front and a small volume knob. These things are built like a tank out of metal and are about 7kgs each in weight.

Good Points
The treble and midrange from these monitors are excellent with as much detail as you could ever nead. The sound projects well and the unit goes as loud as you want, thanks to its class AB 100watt bass and 50watt HF amps.
Bad Points
The bass from these things are pretty none existant. I had them positioned 6 inches from the rear wall and my kickdrums that shake the place sounded like midrange thwaks - my supernova2 sounded thin on them? I had to move my gear back against the wall and push them hard up to get anything near monitoring a bassline thru them :( I am pretty disapointed in these speakers for this reason as the rest of the speaker is such high quality. Maybe coupled with the active bass unit will make a difference but thats another 700 pounds to the price and for that money you could buy some serious monitors.

 JBL LSR25P Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Analog IOs:
Phono + XLR
Power Rating
150W each

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