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 Ramsa/Panasonic DA7 mkII At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 2000  arrowVersion: 0.00
arrowRated: 5.0/10arrow User reviews: (2)
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Anonymous writes:
A professional 32/8 digital mixer that is roughly feature equivalent to the Yamaha O2R (the Yamaha has effects, but the DA7 has much better sound quality). Extremely flexible console with three I/O expansion slots and full support for 5.1 surround mixing and a MIDI fader layer with HUI support. Dedicated I/O for aux sends/returns and multiple 2-track I/Os (digital and analog). Multiple monitoring outputs. Very mature and stable software. Has dedicated dynamics and a very nice parametric EQ on all the channels and busses.

Good Points
Excellent sound quality. Thorough and detailed execution of the digital mixer concept. Lots of dedicated I/O.
Bad Points
No bad points really. A superbly executed digital mixer for the money.

 Ramsa/Panasonic DA7 mkII Specifications:

Digital IOs:
AES/EBU + S/PDIF + 24 channels of option cards
Analog IOs:
8 XLR + 8 TRS inputs (with inserts) + numerous two track and aux inputs
Midi IOs:
Busses/Subgroups: 8 busses
Aux sends: 6 aux sends/returns (dedicated)
Maximum Resolution:48k@24-bits
4-band parametric on channels, busses, and master, 2-band on aux
gates/compressors/expanders on channels and busses

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