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arrowReleased: 1994  arrowVersion: 0.00
arrowRated: 5.0/10arrow User reviews: (4)
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AdamT writes:
Virtual Modular FX processor which uses on screen "patchcords" to connect up to 8 FX blocks until the DSP Power runs out, great graphical readout, Midi clockable and relatively easy to program. you can do the wackiest FX with this, create massive choruses/ flanges as the only restriction is DSP Power, IE- you can have more than one of the same FX type unlike most processors. Reverbs are smooth with a capital Smoo, delays are complex and the whole thing reeks of class, LFOs, filters and all... V2 firmware introduces very good Distortion and ups the user-RAM locations to 200!.

Replaced with the £900 Q20 which ups things to 24bit and 96Khz (I think), has SPDIF as well as ADAT interfacing.. BUT.. it doesn`t sound a great deal better, reviewers seem to share this view and upon release, the secondhand price of the old Q2 shot up from £200ish to double that!. The Q2 Shouldn`t have been called a Quadraverb as it has little in common to it`s noisy limited predecessor.. I`ve had this for years and it ain`t selling it.

Good Points
Modular programming, great (though not Lexicon) reverbs, loadsa user memories, balanced line, big readout, easy to figure out.
Bad Points
Screen is backlit with LEDs and they fail leaving dark parts, outboard PSU, no SPDIF IO, Never enough DSP Power to realise the complexity of the machine, the new Q20 suffers the same!(this thing needs 8 SHARC chips it (;-), internal regulation gets red hot (can`t be good for longevity though mine is a 1994 original).

 Alesis Quadraverb-2 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
ADAT in + Out
Analog IOs:
Balanced or unbalanced, stereo or mono
Midi IOs:
In and Out/Thru
Other IOs:
Bypass and Advance footswitches
Maximum Resolution:16-bit 48Khz I think
Yep, very complex
Virtual modular FX processing

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