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 Alesis LX-20 At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 1997  arrowVersion: 0.00
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From the Alesis Site
For musicians, home studio owners, or users of other ADAT models wishing to supplement an existing system, the ADAT-LX20™ provides an economical solution for capturing the power of the award-winning ADAT recording format.

Even though the LX20 is the most affordable ADAT ever made, it offers the same 20-bit ADAT Type II digital recording format as our XT20 and M20 recorders, making it capable of producing professional-quality recordings. The LX20 is compatible with all ADAT-model recorders as well as peripheral devices like the BRC and third-party products like digital consoles, interfaces and more. Using the same Optical Digital Interface and Synchronization Interface as other ADATs, the LX20 may the ideal recorder to add more tracks to an existing system.

The LX20’s five specialized locate points, used with its Auto Play, Auto Return, Auto Record and Auto Loop functions, are designed to help you record quickly and easily.

For standard analog interfacing like connecting to a mixer, the LX20 includes sixteen unbalanced -10dBV inputs and outputs on phono (RCA) connectors. The LX20 also offers the ADAT Optical Digital Interface, which carries up to eight audio tracks at once completely in the digital domain and allows you to connect to other ADATs in a system or dozens of devices that use this innovative transfer protocol.

Good Points
Ability to record 44.1 or 48khz and 16 or 20bit. Faster lockup times

 Alesis LX-20 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
ADAT litepipe 8 I/o
Analog IOs:
8 ins + outs phono (rca)
Other IOs:
Adat sync
Max tracks: 8
Maximum Resolution:44.1/48Khz 16 (Adat type 1) OR 20bit (type 2)
BRC controller, LRC

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