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 Yamaha MS101 II At a Glance  
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Albert writes:
The Yamaha MS101 II is a multimedia type powered speaker with a 4" full range speaker in a bass-reflex cabinet. (Essentially a bass port under the 4" speaker). The front of the speaker sports the power button, low and high EQ controls, a volume control, and the 1/4" mic input.

Good Points
The MS101 II is shielded so it can go right next to a computer monitor. They are small and lightweight. I bought mine to use a check-mix speakers, basically an Aurotone type substitute. I use Mackie HR824's as my primary monitors, but wanted something to simulate a boom box or TV listening type situation. For that these are useful, and are powered so that a line level speaker switcher works well with both them and the Mackies. The MS101 II would also make nice computer multimedia speakers, although they might be a bit expensive for that at a list price of $159 each.
Bad Points
Not too many bad points as long as you don't expect to use these as your main studio monitors. For check-mix and multimedia type listening they are nice.

 Yamaha MS101 II Specifications:

Analog IOs:
RCA, 1/4" line, 1/4" Mic, line out

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