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BJK writes:
"CONTROL" is the best word to descripe this beast. it build like a tank and looks like military console. If you want total control and flexibility, this is it! You've found the right stuff. This console come fully featured and fully expanded , nothing more to spend. Unlike Yamaha O2R and Mackie DB8 digital mixers, there is always something like expansion boards and optional expensive cards that you need to spend more money on.

Quality? Excellent Sonic and quality! Super quiet and after a long day of work in the studio the console bearly warms.

Control? The design and surface of the console pretty much says it all. 48 faders plus 5 master faders fully automated with computer assist. Large LCD, full meter bridge with WORD LCD, and a bunch of large POTS and buttons. It helps alot when mastering.

INs/OUTs You will find it has just about everythings. 16 Analogs1/4 /Canon IN, outs/ 5 TDIF/ SPDIF. all digital INs and OUTs, inserts etc. Allows you to use your favourite external FX or compressor expanders etc. Perfect for digital recorders or computer base recording.

Other Features: 5.1 Surround Sound editing, Onboard expander and compressor. 99 memory locations to store all fader position and setting. Full MIDI control and digital control. You can control all 5 muliti digital recorders(such as Tascam DA88 or DA78HD) connected to this console. 4 paramatric EQ per channel.

Con This console is big and heavy. Non-Full automated fader. Only 6 FXs and can't apply across all channels.

Overall this is a great console. The second hand price for this unit is far better and more reasonable compare to the yamaha and mackie mixers. I would recommend this desk over the Yamah O2R desk anytime but the Mackie is still better. The TMD8000 initial price is the same as the Mackie desk.

Good Points
Bad Points
Con This console is big and heavy. Non-Full automated fader. Only 6 FXs and can't apply across all channels.

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