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 DACS MIDI patch bay At a Glance  
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F. Jones writes:
MIDI devices are connected at the rear of the panel and are routed using jack patch cables on the front panel. Like an audio patchbay, it has full and half normalising facility. the rear of the unit has 10 pairs of MIDI sockets for the device in's and out's. The front panel has 10 blocks of 3 jack sockets;2out, 1in, and 1 very fast built in thru. Active circutry, powered from MIDI, buffers the input data and output data, making for reliable transmission. There is an optional power inlet.

Good Points
Easy routing without software.

 DACS MIDI patch bay Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
40 1/4 jacks for routing MDI

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