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arrowReleased: 2000  arrowVersion: 0.00
arrowRated: 5.2/10arrow User reviews: (13)
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Fat Elvis writes:
The 788 is Tascams latest Portastudio. It records at 16 or 24 bit without any data compression to an internal 7.5GB hard drive giving almost 2 hours of 24 bit 8-track recording.There are 8 main mixer channels for recorded tracks plus another a 6 channel submixer with level and pan for anything plugged into the physical inputs like MIDI sound modules or external FX. The machine can be master or slave in a MIDI system as it can transmit and receive MTC and Clock and there are 2 onboard FX processors, one of which can be set up as a mix compressor or separate compressors for each track.

Good Points
Really good sound quality. Quiet Hard drive. Very easy to use - there is an internal patchbay and routing library to quickly set up the machine for various jobs. You can plug a guitar straight in and record it via internal guitar processing which is great for quickly sticking ideas down. Multiple takes can be done very quickly one after the other with a hands-free Auto Punch mode for up to 99 back to back takes and there are 250 virtual tracks per song so you can record loads of different takes of everything before picking the 8 best for playback. Simple Cut/copy/paste editing with 999 levels of undo/redo lets you build up songs section by section.
Bad Points
The built-in distortion sounds to be used when recording guitar are a bit cheesy - not up to the standard of the latest amp modellers.

 Tascam 788 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
4 x 1/4
Midi IOs:
In and Out
Other IOs:
Aux sends: 2 stereo sends per channel
Max tracks: 8 playback tracks, (250 virtual tracks per song)
Maximum Resolution:24 bits
3 band- high and low shelving, parametric mid
Internal FX proceesor features compression
2 internal FX processors

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