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 INTELIOS INC. uEave II/XT sound editor At a Glance  
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roman writes:
If you own a uWAveII/XT then this program is a must have. An awesome dedicated uWave editor and worth every penny. The layout is the most logical and uncluttered that I have seen. It's easy on the eyes as well as the nerves. You can have all of the parameters on one screen or have each individual group in a pop up window. It has the ability to mix and morph sounds to create new patches and it makes editing sounds a pleasure. And most important to me is the people/person behind the program. I reported a shortcoming that is inherent in all uWaves due to the slow allocation of incoming patch dumps. And less than two days later, a new updated version with adjustable delay for patch dumps. This kind of positive response to user feedback is unheard of with the big companies. The demo version has the usual locked features but it lets you test it off line.

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