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Alex Daniels writes:
One of the (if not THE) first USB midi/audio interfaces. Also a 20 bit (relatively) high quality a/d-d/a convertor and guitar fx processor. Also has an optical spdif out for recording to minidisc or DAT.

Good Points
Relatively cheap for what you get.
Bad Points
If you don't have an intel chipset on your pc motherboard, then forget buying this unit. I tried the UA-100 with a Via chipset USB controller and it would crash windows 98 within 5 seconds of transmitting audio. To be fair, Roland do say which USB chipsets work with the unit on the side of the box (in very very small writing) - however it's a little hard to read the box when you mail order it, and the edirol web site has no mention of this rather important information. I switched to (a new computer with) a BX-440 intel chipset and things seemed ok, but after a while I noticed the midi timing was screwey and eratic, almost random. Turns out Roland's win98 driver was to blame. V 1.10 fixed that issue, and finally the thing seems to work ok. Btw, Win95 osr2 with USB can't be used, it must be Win98. As you can see, there are a couple gotcha's you have to watch out for with this unit, but I guess that's what happens when you're on the bleeding edge of technology.

 Roland UA-100 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
spdif out
Analog IOs:
1 pair of ins and outs (20 bit convertor)
Midi IOs:
2 midi ins and outs
Other IOs:
guitar and mic (unbalanced)
Maximum Resolution:44.1 @ 20 bits
Software supported:
Windows 98

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