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Pierre Ickovic writes:
HyperEngine™ is a MacOS application which provides a stand-alone framework for running Hyperprism 2, Ionizer, Ray Gun and other signal processing plug-ins. Arboretum gives HyperEngine away for free, and it's also bundled with the Hyperprism 2, Ionizer and Ray Gun packages.

At its most basic level, HyperEngine provides input and output services to DSP plug-ins, acting as a shell that allows plug-ins such as Ionizer and Ray Gun to run independently of 3rd-party host programs. HyperEngine offers several unique advantages, including fast drag-and-drop file editing, fast arrow-key navigation, non-destructive document based processing, real-time play-through processing (just like a hardware processor, no file acquisition required) on-the-fly processing during recording, as well as allowing you to run multiple effects concurrently for complicated multi-effect processing.

HyperEngine is free and includes three fully running sound effect plug-ins.The Free Ring Modulator, Auto Pan and Low Pass filter plug-ins are the same processes used in Hyperprism.

Technical Specifications:

· MacOS 7.6 or higher · Now with 24bit file support. · HyperEngine 2.4 supports any sound manager compatible sound card. For added convenience we also included Direct I/O support for AMII & III, and Korg 1212 I/O · Fixes Capture Audio/Play Thru and has added features. This version also does not require OT Lib extensions. · HyperEngine 2.4 only will accept the latest HE plug-ins. Please email your comments on this version to

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