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arrowReleased: 02/04/1999  arrowVersion: 2.50
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arrowSoftware: Win XP, Mac, OSX,
arrow Plugin formats: TDM. Audio Units. RTAS
Pierre Ickovic writes:
Hyperprism-TDM 2.5 contains 22 different plug-in modules comprising 24 separate effects including Filters, Reverbs, Pitch Shifter, Stereoizers, Sonic Decimator and many more. Its unique control interface makes it simple to use and very creative. Hyperprism-TDM 2.5 software effects can be used like musical instruments, with all parameters under your direct physical control, responding instantly to each motion and gesture. Use the Hyperprism Blue Window to generate effect variations and get settings fast, then enable Pro Tools track automation to record, edit and play back dynamic parameter changes in real-time. Hyperprism is ideal for all audio projects big or small. Hyperprism is used by major recording artists such as Nine Inch Nails and for the sound effects in movies such as Appolo 13, Puppet Masters, Die Hard II. Hyperprism is the recipient of the Readers' choice awards from Electronic Musician, Newmedia and AV Video Multimedia Producer magazines.

Technical Specifications:

· A Power Macintosh computer, 120 MHz or faster with MacOS 7.6 or higher and 16 MB of free RAM. · Hyperprism-TDM 2.5 requires a Pro Tools TDM system running Pro Tools software version 4.01 or higher. For compatibility information, please visit Digidesign' s web site at · Hyperprism-TDM 2.5 supports 24-bit hardware and Mix cards. · Hyperprism-TDM 2.5 is compatible with programs including Logic Audio Platinum, BIAS Peak, Digital Performer, AudioDesk, Studio Vision Pro, Cubase VST/24, Spark XL.

List of Effects:

Auto Pan, Balance, Band Pass, Band Reject, New!! Bass Maximizer, Chorus, Doppler, Flanger, New!! Harmonic Exciter, Hyper Pan, Hyper Stereo, Low Pass, High Pass, MS Matrix, More Stereo, Noise Gate, Phaser, Pitch Changer, Quasi Stereo, Ring Modulator, Sonic Decimator™, Stereo Dynamics, Tremolo, New!! Tube-Tape Saturation, Vibrato

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