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arrowReleased: Late 99  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Chris Vallejo writes:
The dbx 386 dual output two channel tube mic preamp is part of the dbx Silver Series. It squashes into a very competitive area of 'prosumer' mic preamps. The beauty of this preamp is the inclusion of a very nifty type IV converter, which allows tape-like saturation to be applied to a signal destined for the digital domain. The front and rear panels are very well laid out, with the inclusion of instrument inputs on the front for easy access. The input gain (drive) and meters are selectable between analog & digital, and a series of multicoloured switched in the middle allow the user to choose between varying sample rates, output word lengths, type of dithering applied and type 1 or 2 noise shaping. Overall an excellent unit that can justify it's presence in most good project studios on features alone. The sound of the 386, whilst not the quietest pre-amp around, is excellent. It handles transients with ease, and is perfect for recording acoustic guitar or vocals direct to your DAW. You can control the amount of 'tube warmth' of the pre through the drive (or gain) knob, and although it lacks eq or comression controls of many voice pre's, you can't go past it's flexibility offering analog & digital outs.

Good Points
dbx Type IV converter makes it supposedly impossible to clip - (I Haven't yet) Digital output (at 16,20 or 24 bit + 44.1, 48, 88.1 & 96 khz)
Bad Points
Manual could be a bit more comprehensive, particularly on the noise shaping and sample rates.

 dbx 386 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
2 XLR Mic, 2 Balanced Line, 2 Instrument
Other IOs:
Wordclock I/O
Low pass filter, 20db pad swich,

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