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arrowReleased: 1999?  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Ben George writes:
This is a small but powerful unit from Korg, extremely easy to use and very high quality.

Good Points
This is one of the best price/performance machines out today. A definate must-look if you are considering a 16 track recorder.
Bad Points
Can't really think of any, perhaps if it had an ADAT multitrack digital IO on it.

 Korg D16 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
S/PDIF optical IN and OUT
Analog IOs:
4 Balanced INs on back, 3 Balanced INs on front, and 1 guitar/trs IN also on front. Master+Monitor outs, and AUX send.
Midi IOs:
Aux sends: 1
Max tracks: 16 tracks, + 8 virtual tracks per real track. Can record up to 8 tracks simultaniously.
Maximum Resolution:44.1khz@24bits
Hi, Lo, Sweep Mid per channel.
Yes, included as effects.
TONS, Up to 8 insert effects, two master effects and one finalizing effect. Algorithms include all the standards (reverb, delay, chorus etc) plus dynamics (compressors, limiters, gates) plus some fun ones (bit reduction, vocoder, talkbox)
Filetypes supported:
WAV inport, export supported in V2.
User upgradable software version 2.01 now out. Also, can burn CD to CD-R

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