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Nick writes:
What can you say - probably one of the widest used systems. An industry standard in project studios worldwide. Compared to a disc based system they can be (and are) a bit slow and clunky but with two and a BRC, you can achieve lot.

Interfaces easily with anything that supports the ADAT lightpipe, once you have it on tape there is something to be said for that as a storage medium.

Good Points
It works (most of the time), simple, good for recording live players when you don't want the hassle of a disc based system. Interfaces to analog and digital. You can mix to them also with a good drop in xfade it is possible to mix a track in sections. Offseting sections is simple with the BRC
Bad Points
Slow lock up times, only 48kHz can be a little temperamental mechanically - worth keeping serviced.

 Alesis ADAT (blackface) Specifications:

Digital IOs:
ADAT lightpipe
Analog IOs:
8 -10dB (jacks) 8+4dB (Edac)
Other IOs:
Adat sync
Max tracks: 8
Maximum Resolution:48khz@16bit
BRC remote greatly enhances the sync+locate possibilites

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