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arrowReleased: Mid 90's  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Simon Edwards writes:
The MX802A, now supplied in silver, is one of Behringer's entry level desks. It provides very good performance for not a lot of money, despite pretty much being a Mackie clone. The 802's four mono channels, two stereo channels, two auzes, switchable tape in, and LED metering outclasses pretty much anything else in its price range.

Good Points
The desk has a lot of features for the money, and the noise performance is pretty good. Specially notable are the four XLR ins and lo-cut switches on the mono channels, and the two auxes. Not bad for such an inexpensive mixer.
Bad Points
As is usual on mixers at this price level, the EQ is hardly the best, but it's livable. There is no facility to mute or solo channels, or to individually monitor channels without a "fiddle".

 Behringer MX802A Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
4 mono, 2 stereo channels each with XLR and jack inputs; main outs and control room outs (both jacks); headphone socket; tape in and out (on RCA phonos)
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
Mono effects send and stereo return for auxes 1 and 2
Busses/Subgroups: Two (mixes to stereo)
Aux sends: 2, one switchable via opening the case
3-band fixed; hi-shelf, low-shelf and mid; on mono channels lo-cut rumble switch
Software supported:
Rack ears available

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