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arrowReleased: Feb 3, 2000  arrowVersion: 2.50
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Pierre Ickovic writes:
Hyperprism 2.5 is a set of dozens of high-quality audio signal processing tools, including startingly realistic reverbs, rich resonant filters, fat analog-sounding vocoding, pitch change and ring modulation, ear-tingling stereo effects and many more. Hyperprism 2.5 software effects can respond instantly to every touch and Hyperprism's Blue Window remembers your every move. You can create sounds which incorporate dynamic, evolving parameter changes, effects that change and grow in real-time. You can actually play your effects with as much nuance, complexity and dynamics as any instrumental performance. The effects remember and recreate every movement and adjustment, just as it happened. Hyperprism 2.5 features path automation editing for total control over parameter movement. Try our geometric automation tools, direct waveform selection in the effect display and the non-destructive file editing, signal processing and multi-effect functions. Real-time play-through mode allows you to use Hyperprism 2.5 like a stand-alone hardware device in any performance or studio setting. No file acquisition and no hard drive space is needed.

Hyperprism 2.5 is widely used for sound design, music production, live performance and multimedia audio.

Technical Specifications:

A Power Macintosh computer 120 MHz minimum, 200 MHz or faster suggested, with MacOS 7.6 or later, 16 MB of free RAM and 22MB of hard disk space.

Hyperprism 2.5 handles Sound Designer II and AIFF files, imports and exports WAV and many other file types through QuickTime support.

No additional hardware or software required.

Includes special direct driver support for the Digidesign Audiomedia II and III cards, the Korg 1212 I/O card and the Apple Sound Manager.

Good Points
The complete Real-time dynamic sound design software.

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Hardware supported:

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