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 Quested VS2108 / VS1112 At a Glance  
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Fat Elvis writes:
The VS2108's are high powered active monitors for near and midfield applications, the VS1112 is an active floor standing sub woofer that can partner them. The speakers are fully biamped with a 210 watts RMS output while the subwoofer puts out 400 watts.There is a tone contouring switch on the speakers to take a slight edge off the top end, and a high pass switch for use if a subwoofer is connected.

Good Points
The speakers are almost cube shaped and are a reasonable size (13.5" x 13.5" x 16") for sitting on stands or even over a meter bridge. They are also magnetically shielded so can be used near to computers without problems. The built in amplifiers are well matched to the speakers so there are none of the compatibility questions raised by separate speaker/amp setups. There's bags of power in this system, which is great if you like to really pump up the decibels when mixing, but the sound is consistently good at all volumes. Bottom end response with just the monitors is already excellent, but switching in the subwoofer makes for a massive sound. Clarity is sharp and the stereo imaging is accurately implemented, you can hear exactly what is going on in your mix with these.

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Balanced XLR's

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