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Fat Elvis writes:
The 1029A's are a small active monitor and the 1091A is an active subwoofer that can be paired with them. There are two power amps built into each speaker, one for each driver and each puts out 40 Watts. Four DIP switches are provided in each speaker for changing the frequency balance for different environments. The 1091A handles frequencies between 38Hz and 85Hz and there are four DIP switches to attenuate the sensitivity and set the 1091A level in the system.Power is by two amplifiers bridged to give 70 Watts in mono.

Good Points
These monitors are magnetically shielded, so it's no problem to place them near a computer monitor. For the 1029A's by themselves, sound reproduction is exceedingly accurate with fine top end detail, although a little bass light, and the stereo imaging is pinpoint sharp. Connecting the 1091A into the system sorts out the bottom and adds all the bass you need, giving a well balanced detailed sound. Plenty loud too for such a small size.

 Genelec 1029A + 1091A Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Analog IOs:
XLR and balanced jack

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