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Anonymous writes:
The NT2 is a nice allround condenser mic for any application where a certain treble presence is a good thing (there is a slight raise in response around 11-12kHz), such as vocals, guitar and 'winds. Nice looking and with good specs it's a nice buy.

Good Points
Nice respons, very sensitive. Being very clear it produces a very dry signal which is perfect for any application where the sound is going to be modified in any way.
Bad Points
A bit flat. Also, the raised treble response is sometimes undesirable.

 Røde NT2 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Mic Type:
Polar Pattern(s):
omni/cardioid (switchable)
Bass Rolloff/High Pass Filter:
hipass switch
Freq Response
Noise Level
17db-A SPL
Power Required
48V phantom

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