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 Cycling 74 Pluggo At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 1999  arrowVersion: 2.00
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arrowSoftware: Win XP, Mac, OSX,
arrowHardware: n/a
arrow Plugin formats: VST. Audio Units. RTAS
Hooptyheaven writes:
Simply put, pluggo is 74 high quality audio plug-ins for 74 dollars. The plug-ins are mostly effects, but some utilities (for controlling effects parameters) and several simple softsynths are included. Pluggo covers every imaginable studio effect, and some effects that are radically unimaginable. The graphic interfaces are the height of simplicity, usually only a stack of sliders, but the sound is for real, trust me. They rival their prettiest brushed steel equalivants. You won't find anything like a TC works reverb or a T-racks mastering program here, but you will find unique sonic possibilities to experiment with. If you already have a lot of high end effects, these plug ins will ad unique element to your sound and make your mixes really stand out. If you don't have any effects at all these will carry you pretty far before you will need anything else. How has cycling 74 been able to pull this off? The plug-ins were made in an open architecture envionrment, using the MSP and Max programs which Cycling 74 aquired from Opcode. This means they can create plug-ins easily and cheaply, and, heres the kicker, so can you. Max and MSP can be bought from cycling 74, so you can create your own plugin effects. The creators will continue to develop new plug-ins, and users are encouraged to send in their own patches. There are supposed to be new plug-ins available for download every month through Cycling 74's website for free (if you are a registered user). You can download and demo all 74 plug-ins before you buy them, although they will be somewhat playback-disabled until you pay for a password. An extremely well written and thourough manual is also available free in PDF format.

Good Points
A dollar a plug-in for pretty good plug-ins. Some really good plug-ins. Some one-of-a-kind spectacular plug-ins. For a dollar apiece. 'Nuff said.
Bad Points
They look like something made on a Mac Classic. There are no studio-quality reverbs or compressors. Compatable with all of the top multitrack audio/sequencing programs but not with Windows.

 Cycling 74 Pluggo Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Maximum Resolution:?
Software supported:
Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic, Vision

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