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arrowReleased: July,2000  arrowVersion: 1.30
arrowRated: 4.7/10arrow User reviews: (7)
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win XP, Mac, OSX,
arrowHardware: pci
Javier writes:
A sampler very like an akay 3000 (the same sts 300 avalaible for the pulsar series) plus thereticaly all the drivers you could need (asio, easy, gigasampler) at very low latency, also two effects (chorus and delay) that you can use for the asio, easi and giga drivers.

Good Points
The sampler is fine and easy to use, the latency in asio dirvers is good.
Bad Points
You can´t have separate effects sends for the sampler and it doesn´t response to midi messages. The giga drivers are shit, the sounds get distorted or at least with a lot of pops and jitters if you open gigastudio and a sequencer at once. The easi drivers don´t work with logic 4.5 (at least in my system) and if l use the asio ones the program makes windows crash when closing. All thes falliures could easilly solved by a software upgrade (l have been emailed by creamware tech support that it will be ready soon) but the thing is that the card is like a second class one for creamware and in every contact with their tech suppor l have been tried to be convinced to get a pulsar ll, in fact it is what l will probably do (by my own convincement), may be just today, but the thing is that the card had lot more posibilites that they have given it and if simply the sampler could have separate sends to effects (and posibly a reverb effect), and the drivers would work as expected the card could be a winner. B.T.W., someone told me that if a friend has a pulsar and he install it in your computer, and also install the software comming with the pulsar once you remove the pulsar the software remains working and you can use it with the powersampler, he didn´t give me details, but hey, you could try.

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