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Richard Stanley writes:
A simple 4in, 4out Midi interface for the PC or Mac. Powered and controlled via a USB port. I wanted a midi interface compatabile with Windows 2000 to replace my ageing Winman 2x2 ISA PC card. Although I prefer my equipment rack mounted I felt that the additional ports and extra cost of an 8x8 device was not warranted. Many have complained as to the inadequencies of Win 2000 and midi but so far I've experienced nothing but rock solid timing.

Good Points
Win 2000 drivers Powered through USB cable. Excellent Value. Well constructed.
Bad Points
No 19in rackmount. No patching. Must be used with a computer. No SMPTE. No reset devices button.

 Midiman Sport USB 4x4 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
Midi IOs:
4in, 4out
Other IOs:
USB socket
Maximum Resolution:n/a
Software supported:
All software supporting MME drivers

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