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 Blueroom Minipod At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 1999  arrowVersion: 0.00
arrowRated: 5.9/10arrow User reviews: (10)
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Fat Elvis writes:
Minipods have got to be the coolest looking speakers on the planet. These things look like three different sized spheres that have been set on top of each other, with a tripod stand arrangement straight from a 50's sci-fi space ship. The theory is that the spherical speaker mounts minimise disruption of the waveform as it radiates from the drive units (1", 5", bass reflex port), creating a more accurate signal than that achieved by conventional rectangular shaped enclosures.

Good Points
Apart from the obvious aesthetics the minipods sound great. These are not just poseurs. What you get is a powerful, punchy sound that is bright and clear with plenty of bass end, this is a BIG sound from such a compact unit. If you just kept these in situ sat on their tripods or wall mounted they would be a fine monitoring tool but the punchline is that they are portable enough to be carried from one location to another. They come supplied in a rucsac type of thing with an inflatable inner bag to protect them from knocks. Practical or what?
Bad Points
Available as passive speakers only. Admittedly it could compromise their looks, but to take the portability concept to it's ultimate conclusion, a self-powered minipod with built-in amp would be the business.

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