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adam jay writes:
Awesome BANG FOR BUCK FX processor 512 Preset Programs (32 effects w/ 16 patterns each). 100 user banks for your own effects. 18 bit a/d d/a converter w/ 44.1khz. SOUNDS GOOD. FEELS GOOD. WORKS GOOD. and won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Good Points
the ability to mix effects and alter parameters. the EQ is nice as well
Bad Points
none, really... other than when you are changing Effects (if you were to use it live) it makes a "tick" noise... but that's what FX sends are for.

 Zoom 1204 Specifications:

Digital IOs:
2 1/4
Midi IOs:
midi in
2 band - LO/HI FX Eq
reverbs, chorus, flange, pitch shift, delay, echo, variations and mixes of all.

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