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Cakewalk Reviews at
Cakewalk home page
Comparing the Best PC Sequencers A comparative review of LOGIC 5, CUBASE SX and SONAR 2
Electronic Musician review (Digital Performer 3)
il capitano pepe machine
Link to DP Motu site Look and say.. "really?"
listen how good it works.... tracks made on ATARI1040 /cubase
Logic environments
Logic mailing list archive
Making Waves Studio a sequencer of midi and audio for windows with automation, direct x effects and lots more.
Metro 4.5 Layout and other studio Gear Great descriptions of lots of gear but mostly incl Downloadable Sample Libraries, Listen to audio demos!
On-line music by Giorgio Binda Giorgio Binda makes available his own music in mp3. download free
One Man Band Arranger software
Review of Logic 5 by - Tons of plugins!!!
Tons of plugins!!!
Unofficial Logic Users Site Home to the Logic mailing list