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Average rating: 8.8/10 out of 10

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joe a Professional user from usa writes:
Fruity loops can be hot with the right sounds.. Any beat making software OR hardware is really only as limited as the sounds are.. When I 1st got it, nI thought it sucked.. I found this site called & grabbed some hot drum kits for it & I must say.. Im makin some ILL tracks now..

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 18-Dec-01 at 6:19
MJ Dime a Professional user from USA writes:
FL is a good (and cheap!) tool for beginners and for those who want to have some fun without putting too much effort into learning and, eventually, creating something completely new and truly original (that’s not based only on loops and sounds found in FL - most FL users don’t go beyond that anyway). Btw: if Tom's music is like his English spelling then it's probably better that he doesn't use hardware or he'd soon injure himself. PEACE!

posted Tuesday, 06-Nov-01 at 15:3
tom a part-timer user from england writes:
Fruity loops is everthing i need, i don't even export the loops, i just construct the whole song in playlist! i love it! fuk all you who use hardware - what a waste off cash!!!!!

posted Tuesday, 06-Nov-01 at 14:31
c_u a Professional user from aus writes:
actually things like the motorolla 56303 or 56309 cant be compared in mhz rating to a intel chip . They are totally different . The level of processing power that they can give when used in parallel is amazing . Things like the supernova use 8 of them and try to do what the supernova does on a 800mhz pentium . By your measurement it should do it easily . Why do you think apple makes claims their 733 g4s are as capable as ghz p4s and doesnt get sued ? The difference between dedicated RISC floating point dsp and your based on the original 8086 intel cisc processors are vast . Why do you think boards like the pulsar or protools can do things you cant on your pc yet the mghz rating of of a pulsar card would be small (like 6x66mhz) ? The dsps are highly efficient and optimised for what they do .

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 03-Oct-01 at 23:10
m0use writes:
7 pentium 4 2ghz? no i dont think so. most use motorola dsp chips that are about 100mgz.

any fruity loops rules for drum loops. You can get super precise with each hit. I know the same effect can be done with cubase/logic/nuendo, but it is soooo much quicker and easier with fl. music side i would rather use one of the afore mentioned sequencers. i cant wait for fuity to go vst or rewire 2 compatabale!!!!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 27-Sep-01 at 13:36
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