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lionel from france writes:
YOu're right , Digital Performer is the best sequencer, much better than VST anyway. But your comments about the Mac, "underpowered"?? Bullshit !

posted Thursday, 27-Jan-00 at 11:33
Matthew Peterson a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I've been looking at Digital Performer for a long time, and have been very impressed. A lot of support for 3rd party audio I/O hardware, drag and drop loading of samples into samplers (Yamaha a3k, the Akai's, etc...), visual layout of tracks (you can see the waveforms), etc...

My problem is that Digital Performer is only available for the Mac. I refuse to spend any money on a Mac (over priced, under powered, poor implementation of an OS, etc...). I wish MOTU would release a version for BeOS (Intel), if they did, I would purchase a copy right away...

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Monday, 03-May-99 at 14:6
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