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Average rating: 7.0/10 out of 10

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Mark a Professional user from Canada writes:
i work with international music projects(produce, mix...) and in one of our studios we have a 01v mixer. we only use the adat input(summing) and i love it. its fast. fx and eq are ok. the compender work well. but forget the analog side(thin and cold). for sure i prefer my ssl matrix a lot more but for the price the o1v is amazing.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Friday, 12-Sep-08 at 20:36
matt a Professional user from uk writes:
i have two o1v's running together. awesome for the money, and the sound is with any recoring medium, digital, analogue or other, a good knowlege of placement,mic choice, and sparing use of effects is the key. if you knew how many people have used these on commercial recordings-madonna for one, niacin for another- you'd probably eat your words...this little mixer does awesome things. you just need to spend a little time exploring its capabilities.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 15-Feb-06 at 23:9
ScottyWebb from USA writes:
For the price, INSANELY WORTH IT!! I have been in professional Broadcasted!! Recording and audio production, since the mid 80s. I have worked on MCI consoles that cost more than most people's cars. So take me at my word I just picked up this mixboard for 330 bucks (of course used) in Guitar Center VA. I ONLY bought it because the price was too good to pass up- Being stuck to my Tascam M3700 32 and my Mackie 8 buss 32- If I could go back in time, i would have spent the money to go this route. The reverbs are great, unlike the post above, It is REAL Yamaha reverb. I got 8 seconds of tail decay, and a half second of predelay LUSH. Set up channel 1 with a good mic, and compressed the channel, and EQ'd the path- This mic sounded so nice I got my disinterested wife to start singing ROXANNE in the headphones. Whats not to like? I call this a Knowede is power piece of gear. the more knowledge you have of audio and the tools to create them than the more powerful this mixer is. I am going to put it in onw of my rooms immediately; in 48 hours I have learned to LOVE this mixer. If you are a DAW only type audio guy; no offense, your guys do good stuff too, but you probably don't realize the tru power this old mixer yields compared to an analogue mixer, as for sound, it is not anything anyone who knows thier sound cannot appreciate, I highly reccomend to myself a 96KHZ version, I am sold, and olnly regret being one of the stuck in the analogue glory stories guys. Digital is as great as you make it. Oh, and if you are turned on by even order analogue distortion, run your tracks through a front end or a 2 mix out of tubes, or solid state EQ or Compresssion and add it yourself! Back to this middle aged blessing mixer LOVE IT!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 21-Jan-06 at 13:10
matt a Professional user from Australia writes:
o1v is great been using it live for 4 Years. Nothing but praise for this beast, what u put in,is what you get out.I suggest you take the time to work on your own talent

posted Thursday, 16-Dec-04 at 14:44
thoutah a hobbyist user from US writes:
i've been using the 01v for the past few years recording very organic, rock based music. initially, i too found it cold and tinny sounding. but i learned that that's partly the nature of digital sound, rather, it doesn't have a sound. it just gives you exactly what you put into it, except that it has more emphasis on higher frequencies. These same frequencies are dampened on analog recording because of the natural compression offered by tape. If your ears are accustomed to the sound of tape, then yes, digital is going to sound a bit clinical. i started focusing on ways to get the sound right before it entered the 01v, and found that microphone type and placement was hugely instrumental in getting bigger, warmer sounds. for example, don't use harsh, cold mics like Rode NT2; try using mics with more color or character, like a tube mic, or even the neutral sounding AT4050. tracking through good mic pres and compressors helped a lot too. make sure your room sounds big and warm - that matters a helluva lot. really thinking about the front end, pre 01v, makes a big difference.

i've only noticed hiss when gain is turned way up, which is the same with analog boards.

the effects are crap. another complaint is there doesn't seem to be tons of headroom. you really need to watch the levels with this thing because it's got a nasty clipping. eq is cumbersome. why can't they just add physical eq knobs for each channel? having to control eq for each channel though that one screen is annoying and non-intuitive. clearly they wanted to make a more compact piece, but user interface suffers a lot, i think.

it is good as a mixing control surface for cubase. the thought of mixing with a mouse makes me sick, so synching the faders and eq with cubase makes digital mixing the tactile experience it should be.

overall, it's clean and transparent and pretty free of character. Of course it doesn't sound like a classic Neve or SSL, but why would you expect it to?

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 03-Mar-04 at 12:21
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