Sonic State Studio / Outboard / FOCUSRITE Platinum Tonefactory

Average rating: 9.0/10 out of 10

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Chris Howe a Professional user from Japan writes:
The Tonefactory and limited addition Bassfactory are good value for the money. I feel that the guitar amp simulator is a waste of space since non-guitarists won't need it and guitarists will already have better gear. However, the filtering, compressor and EQ make it very useful for a small studio. Even the gate is good, falling well above most cheap gear but not quite on the some level as the DS201. Saying that though, using the filters alows the gate to be tuned just as a DS201. Too bad it's been discontinued as the focusrite staff say, due to lack of demand. I am looking to snag a few of these used over the next year to use with synth modules, on toms in the studio when you want good proccessing but don't want to use your best units and for live. As a small studio owner I am quite surprised that the demand for such a high quality swiss army knife is not in higher demand. If that means very low used prices, then I am happy just the same.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 19-Jan-02 at 0:10
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