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Average rating: 8.0/10 out of 10

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Federico Ilicanto a Professional user from USA writes:
Finally I got my hands on the Joemeek SC2.2 that I had wanted. Joemeek compression is in my opinion some of the nicest sounding, warm/dark compression out there. I truly love the sound that this unit gives. Unfortunately, I had some problems with the unit. There was a Hum coming out of the right output, so I had to return it. Also, the stereo field on this compressor is somewhat not as wide as I would have liked. I had read the difference between it and the original SC2, and the issue of "stereo imaging" came up. They say that the original, more expensive SC2 has better imaging and is also thicker in sound. I think that for the money of the SC2.2 it is somewhat worth it. However, if you want some truly professional results in your recording, go with the SC2 or the SC4. I'm actually gonna buy the SC4 because it is the upgraded model of the SC2 with no imaging issues what so ever. Like the person prior that reviewed this unit, the SC2.2 is built pretty cheap. The housing is smaller than the SC2 and it also weighs nothing. But, the place where this unit shines is the's like nothing else except the old Urei's and Universal Audio LA2/3 's & 1176's compressors. Definitely a must for guitar/bass players and dance music makers.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 24-Apr-01 at 13:38
steve from USA writes:
I've had my SC2.2v4 for just over one year and use it constantly. It's sound is very useful, but certainly not for everything. My only criticisms would concern the build quality. The XLR connectors on the rear of the unit are name brand (either Switchcraft or Neutrik, I forget), but the lightweight, discount model. The whole unit has that semi pro / consumer audio mid quality feel to it. In a rack with Neve, API, old Altec and UREI equipment, the SC2.2 just screams "home studio." Too bad a unit that can sound so cool doesn't feel like a pro tool.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Sunday, 31-Dec-00 at 4:8
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