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Alex from US writes:
If you want to take a listen to Hyperverb in action, take a listen to my track:

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 14-Mar-00 at 13:44
Sluggo a part-timer user from US writes:
Ok, so since you could hardly call that a review, hear is mine:

Hyper Prism is a set of plugins available for Direct X (PC), VST, Premiere and Pro Tools Audio Suite and TDM. It's also available as a stand alone executable (Mac only) to be use as a virtual FX rack. I have the Direct-X version and I use it with Cubase and Samplitude to great lengths all over the place. First off, you get a lot for the money: Auto Pan, Band Pass Filter, Band Reject Filter, Bass Maximizer, Chorus, Compressor, Echo, Flanger, Frequency Shifter, Hall Reverb, Harmonic Exciter, High PassFilter, HyperVerb, Limiter, Low Pass Filter, Matrix, More Stereo, Multi Delay, Noise Gate, Pan, Phaser, Pitch Changer, Quasi Stereo, Ring Modulator, Room Reverb, Single Delay, Sonic Decimator, Stereo Dynamics, Tremolo, Tube/Tape Saturator, Vibrato, and (phew!) Vocoder. Man! I actually unloaded a lot of my other plugins recently because I just don't use them anymore. There's not a bunk one in the whole lot. I lean more toward the extreme and I'm often disappointed by the weakness of other plugin packs. Hyper Prism is EXTREME! So, your probably wondering what makes it so much better then the others? One word: MODULATION. All of the FX come with a big square box that takes up the lower portion of the screen. Inside it is a little square... This is a virtual track pad like the ones you see on lap tops. You then assign one parameter the the X movement and another to the Y movement, grab the little box in the center and wiggle the mouse around... Ahhhh. It's beautiful. this works especially great with the Ring Modulator, Echo, Frequency shifter, and Pitch Changer. But I really love it on the Sonic Decimator. That's one where you can change the play back and bit rates in real time. Sweet! That's really great for creating anything from ambient background noise to screaming leads. mix'm all together, Sonic enlightenment!

Another great thing about Hyper Prism is that the plugins take up fairly low resources (when run in the right program (read: not cakewalk)). Even so I would recommend using them in the FX busses instead of as single inserts. That way you could share a reverb over a couple tracks and still get a bunch of other FX on other tracks.

As no product is perfect, I have a few complaints: the Compressor is really (to my ears) only good for extreme stuff. It seems to loose power at low levels instead of staying consistent. Still, at high setting, it can really pump. another: while I like the Stereo expanders that come with Hyper Prism, I prefer the ones offered by Waves. Unfortunately, I'm not really fond of the rest of the waves pack so I can't really recommend buying them both just to fix this issue. Not to mention that it's not like it's BAD in Hyper Prism. It's more that you can really go farther with the waves one. But that's only 2 out of 32 plugins That I feel are lacking in any way. The great thing is, that there are dozens of other Compressors and stereo expanders out there to chose from. All in all, Hyper Prism is an excellent value! I still give it a 10. well worth it and it may be the only plugin set you'll ever need.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 20-Jul-99 at 16:58
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