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CHUNKY a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I have the sx-1 le i have to agree that it is by far the best as far as sound goes . the operating system is BE witch was supposed to be a mac alturnative but they used it on the sx-1 and it makes the unit shine for sure. there are better computer based programs for editing but for a start to finish this unit is way better . I admit im still learning about automation on this unit but i still have to say you can't go wrong with tascam .

just do it !

posted Monday, 04-May-09 at 14:41
gm a hobbyist user from TX, USA writes:
Feb 20, 2008 and the Roland VS-2480CD/DVD series is finally off the market. Yes, this product is finally discontinued. I am sort of sad because I was recently looking forward to buying a brand-new one in addition to my Tascam SX-1LE. The reason for that is I like its portability. So I was gonna use it mainly for live recording. So, I guess I am gonna have to go to ebay to find one.

posted Wednesday, 20-Feb-08 at 1:32
Kinlus a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Likewise, I purchased my Tascam SX-1LE when it first hit the stores. I first eyed the Roland VS-2480CD due to its portability as well as its expansion ability. Also, Roland's capability to accept third-party plug-ins was also a reason I had my first sight on the VS-2480CD. However, the Tascam SX-1LE surpasses the VS in that it has a total of 16 MIC/LINE inputs all simultaneously recordable. Like the Roland, you can still view and do wave editing via an optional VGA screen, a keyboad and a mouse. Unlike the Roland, the Tascam SX-1LE is non-compressed, meaning you get an incredible, more transparent audio quality out of the workstation that you would with the Roland VS. So, when it all comes down to it, if you prefer portability over quality and more recordable inputs, the go ahead and pick the Roland. If audio quality is what you're looking for, then Tascam outta score higher.

posted Thursday, 20-Dec-07 at 13:17
JamJan a part-timer user from USA writes:
The Tascam SX-1 is an awesome sounding all-in one digital recording environment. You can really do an entire project, and do it fairly well without any other gear, save mics, ect.. Unfortunately, it seems that this monster has been discontinued, and are getting harder and herder to find. Excellent A/D/A conversion, clean mic pres, full automation for both midi data (128 tracks)and audio data (16-tracks on hard drive, 16 more coming in live via midi). With the extensive automation, the analog and digital routing flexibility, and the awesome sound quality. Unless there is an SX-2, this recorder/mixer will be my last. All it needs is some awesome performances layed down.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 07-Jan-05 at 21:3
Magic a Professional user from Austin Texas USA writes:
The Tascam SX-1(Le) is the most incredible all-in-one solution available IMHO. I've considered the offerings from Roland (VS2480), Akai (DPS24) and Korg (D32xd), and none of them could compare with the professionalism of the SX-1. Sure, each machine offers something the other machine doesn't..,and they all are great machines in their own right.., but the SX-1 offers things I'd expect to find in a workstation costing at least 5 times the price. I love the Akai DPS-24.., in fact, it would have been my second choice.., but since I had a choice, I chose the Tascam SX-1. And if I had to make a choice again.., the Tascam SX-1 would win again.., hands down! There's no real way to understand why I have this sence of loyalty to this machine unless you sit down in front of one, and work with it. Once you do, you'll truely understand why you don't find many of them for sale on ebay... And more importantly, you'll see what makes the SX-1 so atractive to the professional user. The other machines are no slouches, by any means.., but the SX-1 is completely in another league.., IMHO of course ;-). The bottom line is.., there are many choices out there. Chose one that works for you! It may not necessarily be the SX-1. But if it is.., you won't regret it... Of that, I am sure ;-). I'm out...

With Respect & Honor, Magic

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 31-Aug-04 at 13:16
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