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S_A_P a part-timer user from US writes:
The UA-1000 is a great interface. I did not have USB 2 on my oldish (athlon 2400+) system, so I bought a USB 2 card (edirol recommends NEC or intel chipsets for USB2 ONLY) and had my interface going in less than 20 minutes. So far, I am very pleased- I like the idea of not having my audio interface not tied to my PC, and the UA-1000 remembers my settings from the last session internally.

For latency, I get good results with either WDM or ASIO- I can use 3 ms buffers for most compositional work and I bump it up to 6.5 ms for large projects and multitracking. This interface works great with SONAR, FL, Reason and ACID 4.

The sound is very clean and noise free. I am able to get clean punchy recordings from both my fender strat, and my fender rhodes using the DI input. The mic preamps are plentiful(4 of them all with phantom power) and are nice and clean. You can get a better mic preamp, but it usually isnt on an audio interface...

The control panel applet is my one quibble with this card- while it is functional and stable, the graphics are poor and there is not any fancy functionality. Hopefully that will improve in subsiquent updates..

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 15-Jun-04 at 6:31
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