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Ray Jay a hobbyist user from USA - AUS writes:
How does one erease the songs on the stereo track. I record a song to the stereo track, then burn it on to a CD and expect the song to be removed from the list you choose from when making the CD ,but its still there. How can I clear the entire stereo tracks. Cheers Ray

posted Wednesday, 28-Mar-07 at 4:30
Richie B a hobbyist user from Australia writes:
Yes the manual is not user-friendly. if you want to get started there is a great quickstart manual online just google AW16g_Recording101 Cheers

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 17-Mar-07 at 11:15
Rich a hobbyist user from Australia writes:
Hey guys I found a great 'quickstart' guide here www#awinspire#com/tuts/motif_setups/pdfs/AW16g_Recording101.pdf (replace # with dots)

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 17-Mar-07 at 11:11
Graham a part-timer user from London writes:
The AW16G user manual is really complicated - Is there an instruction DVD or Video available, as Im really stressing to even get the Demo song to play or should I just trash it and GO PC !

posted Monday, 26-Feb-07 at 3:43
Marc Daine a Professional user from USA writes:
I've been using my AW16G for almost four years and despite its great features and sound I hate the thing. The problem is that the manual is worse then useless-it's misleading-leaves out steps spends too much space explaining the obvious and without answering lots of real questions. I've been tempted to throw this thing out the window many times. I would not recomend it. I used and loved the Yamaha analog 8 track MT8X for about 8 years before I got the AW16 and thought it would be similar-It's not!

posted Tuesday, 30-Jan-07 at 21:26
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