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Loco from australia writes:
Ive been using the aw16g for over 4 years all's sweet, but want to get pro tools and use the aw as a work surface, but how the f*** can I if the optical out is sterio not multi track spdif. ? cheers for ye help

posted Monday, 26-May-08 at 2:23
Frank a part-timer user from Canada writes:
I bought the AW16G some 5 years ago. I tried over the past week to just record 1 note but was unable to get a peep out of it.The manual and the video(Quick Start) apparently addresses those who know a great deal already about these machines. Those of us who were initially not familiar with this equipment are no further ahead after reading the manual and listening to and watching the video. Initially I want to simply record a song with perhaps 4 part harmony, using saxaphone/harmonica/ fiddle/ perhaps using a midi for certain background .At this point I do not need to know how 'The wheel was invented'. Someday that may change but focus now is the most important.Do not overload me with info that impresses me with how much the writer knows and how cool the animater obviously is but communicates little of value. I hope there is help to overcome these obstacles.If there is a rewritten 'Owners Manual' that deals with each issue in a focused way,please let me know.Thank you. Frank

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 13-Nov-07 at 13:14
Johnny writes:
I can't imagine why so many people are baffled by this thing, after the first day I haven't had much use for the manual, the thing is way too easy to navigate. Best decision I've made when it comes to recording.

posted Friday, 02-Nov-07 at 17:10
Bil a hobbyist user from USA writes:
It's a real love/hate relationship with the AW16G. I love what it can do, but it's an incredible pain in the rear to do it. Right now I can't get mine to record onto the stereo track. Not a clue why, as I have been able to do it in the past. Customer service? Barely. As Jon said, why not a usb port. That would be too easy. I ended up taking it down to the recording studio(which I was trying to avoid by buying this thing) and exporting tracks to edit. User friendly? No.

posted Friday, 12-Oct-07 at 10:26
MIKE WATTS a hobbyist user from England writes:
I have just bought an AW16G and cannot get past first base, in other words the machine fires up and all the screens show what they're supposed to but I cannot hear what I am inputting into the AW and the level meter is not showing any input. Any ideas would be gratefully received. I have read all the websites regarding this machine but have not seen any information about this problem. HELP!!!!!!!

posted Thursday, 02-Aug-07 at 3:24
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