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Travellerboy a Professional user from UK writes:
Hi,I've had a aw16g for 8 years,and i love it,but my cd burner no longer works,it only reads tracks,can i just buy the c.d unit on it's own as a replacement,i have a lot of material recorded i wish to load onto my laptop for editing,i can't seem to find this!

posted Friday, 12-Aug-11 at 17:31
Loren a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I've had my AW16G since they first came out and it has been working like a champ the whole time. I love it. The only con is that it doesn't have a USB port for quick import/export of song data. I can't believe they didn't include something as basic as a USB port in the design. But... other than that, it's great.

posted Friday, 03-Jun-11 at 21:23
JOHN a part-timer user from LIVERPOOL/UK writes:
I Have a Yamaha aw16 unit and find it much harder to use than the tascam 4 track. eg how do i plug in a keyboard ,bass geetar, elec guitar,vocal mics and acoustic guitar to run simultaneously?

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Friday, 21-Jan-11 at 11:48
BDOMINANT from US writes:
I have FINALLY accomplished thing with MY aw16g after it sitting for 3yrs! U must 1st go 2 mixdown screen & Record a mixdown 4 it 2 b burned! ...& 2 burn MORE than 1 song 2 a CD select Track At Once; then u must select new & cursor 2 the right screen & scroll wit ur black knob 2 ur selected song, & REPEAT THE SAME STEPS AGAIN & AGAIN; by pressing new 1st & cursor 2 the right scrolling through ur list til U have ALL THE SONGS IN A LIST B4 u FINALLY BURN!

posted Saturday, 20-Nov-10 at 22:4
Tony a hobbyist user from UK writes:
Been using YAM AW16G for 4 years now. Having difficulty burning my own music to CD-R's track by track. Manual advices Mixdown, adding song(s) executing, then finalizing. Seems easy enough but can't add my music tracks for burning. I believe because they are not yet mixed down to sterio. Has anyone got any opinions or help on burning or creating own Cd's playable on home CD players? Please.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 23-Mar-10 at 5:17
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