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terry a hobbyist user from u.s.a writes:
i was very disapointed with the tascam ps 5!i think tascam really twisted the truth about the things the recorder can do!.first of all, the midi arranger bull!you can play channels 1-16 in midi,but not through the midi port!you cant hook a sequencer to the midi in and play midi channels 1-16! the only thing you can do with the midiinput is play channel 1! the midi input is simply just isn"t called for!cause you canot record any data through the midi input nor can you transmit a clock timer or any comand to the machine!its more like a midi file player than a midi arranger. if your sequencer has a flopy drive, you would have to download the data off your flopy disk to your ps5 midi file on your computer to your ps 5.not through the midi input!i cant stress enough that the midi input on this unit is just simply useless! tone generator?just one tone at a time through midi input whitch cant even be whats the use? i have incudid my e-mail so hope fully some one who has a pd5 can tell me whey the hell thay put a midi input on it anyway!44khz? dont sound like it! sould have saved up a little more $ and got somthing like a 788 or boss br 532 if you like a very large mp3 player,fine! dont even think about the chord arranging gimmick! too time comsuming for me!you have to dail in every chord on every beat and so on!BIG WASTE OF TIME!cause the chord and on board instruments sounds like a toy and you can just record auto acomp. on your sub-pro keyboard if you like that sort of hell with all of that! over all, this is a very crapy machine and i wish i could get my money back!only good for skeching whitch there are a lot cheaper recorders out there for under 300$ that can do just that! the midi and tone modulater is just a gimmick!play your midi file from your sequencer to the input of the ps 5! and there are a lot of much smaller mp3 that are better on batterys! dont recormend it at ALL!

posted Tuesday, 30-Dec-03 at 3:39
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