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Biscuit112 a hobbyist user writes:
I think Alesis is making a gold mine off of the lemons they sell called M1 active mk2s. Like the other user one of my monitors just sits and blinks at me TOTALLY USELESS. When i called Alesis they knew what the problem was before i finished my sentence. I said the light was flashing and they said ..."and you arent geting any sound, you need a new power supply." These speaker are not that old yes my units are out of warranty but what a waste of money. Alesis will gladly sell you a new power supply unit for 100 bucks. I shouldnt have to pay for anything. Also if i put the power supply in it doesnt mean it wont break again, i asked the tech if the problem had been fixxed he couldnt give me an answer. BOTTOM LINE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.. they sound pretty good but the quality is nowhere worth your hard earned money.

posted Wednesday, 27-Dec-06 at 13:26
kjøleskapet a part-timer user from Norway writes:
Good monitors, but there is a "hole" in the lower midrange, vocals are thin, and snares lack bottom "snap". Good bass response and treble, though some very narrow high frequencies are overexaggerated. They say the speakers need a 20-40 hours burn-in but I can´t say I hear any improvement in the beforementioned areas yet. Perhaps there is something wrong with my pair. I've had them for about 2 months - not totally pleased - so try before you buy!

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Thursday, 14-Apr-05 at 13:0
2 a Professional user from New Zealand writes:
I would recommend these speakers for reasons well outlined by previous reviews, particularly the VFM considering that these are (rightly) likely to be looked at by folk looking to purchase their first proper nearfields, and yes, I really do think they're proper; for US$400 they're a bargain, any cheaper and it's brainless. I have owned mine for 3 1/2 years, and wouldn't part with them unless I had at least four times the money to spend that these cost. The m1s are quite bassy monitors, and while it suits me fine as I personally like making music with prominent bass, it could be a little off-putting for some, I guess. Buy these unless you can afford a LOT more $$, and even then, give these a listen if you are able.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 07-Mar-05 at 6:13
Phillip a Professional user from USA writes:
When is a Monitor a Lightbulb?

I shopped for a bit before choosing the M1 Active Mk2s. They are beyond expectation. The sound is amazing.They drop comfortably into my workstation. The combination 1/4" _and_ XLR jacks are cool. I have a minimalist system, and because they are self-powered I can drive them straight out of my Mackie 1202VLZ mixer w/o an additional amp. Mostly I use it to mix music for video production work.

Well, after about a year and a month (the unti is out of warantee after a year) one monitor has stopped working. So, I called Alesis Product Support (phone: 401 658 5760) Their repair desk has seen several of these go by lately, but he would not reocignize it as a manufacturing error. He was unble to clarify for me how Alesis actually distinguishes between manufacturing error and user error. Their policy got the best of me.

Even tho I love these things, I feel no piece of pro gear should be failing so soon out of warrantee due to bad components. I know how this was treated and it should not have failed.

Alesis is now wasting my time + money spent getting it repaired, meantime my studio only has half an ear...

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 18-May-04 at 16:9
Roopesh Patel a Professional user from London writes:
Well i think the Alesis M'1 MK2 are one of the best set of Studio monitors around under the $500-600 price range.

they are excellent on the High end. as well as well as the Mids and not to mention the perfect bass extension on the low frequency (meaning that there is no need for a sub woofer).

i have tested the Mk2's directly with other hi end monitors such as the Mackie 824's, Genelec, Dynaaudio, etc. the testing was carried out using various Cd's with Acoustic Guitar recordings, kick drums, snares, male and female vocals, using a mackie 1402 vlz mixer, a Crest Audio amplifier (one of the best money can buy), low impedience Proel cables, the same room, with small listening breaks.

the final conclusion that i can make has to be the Alesis M1 MK2's.

They were performing 2nd to none. very detail on the Guitar sounds, warm, smooth and non edgy vocals, tight kick drums, dead straight snares (very clean and outstanding), and the bass on the bottom end letting you know whats happening with the bottom octaves.

Yep, these MK's have to really be critically testeted before one can start to quible, and even then you have to know what your looking out for.

i have done my tests, using the top end audio fidelity, and comparing the mk2's directly to monitors well over $1000.

i have studied acoustics for one year and feel that my judgement on the mk2's are realistic.

for the low price that they are, these well presented studio monitors should be present in more studios around the world, but it seems to be the high price and markting gimicks that push professional users towards other brands such as Mackie.

however, if you are a true musician and like to study where your money goes, you really should put the Alesis M1 MK2's to the test up against other higher priced monitors, if you really find a major difference (the sounds become more brighter on the expensive, you will only be fooling your self.

Bottom Line -

excellent sounding monitors very flat response affordable well designed no fatiguing after long hours just simply the best monitors

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 02-Nov-02 at 17:48
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