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dps24 looks good...but too heavy imo...the color of the faders very a pale toys...anyway,the editing and display kick yammy ass...anyone tried it?is the os stable??i hate to be a beta-tester anymore.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Friday, 17-May-02 at 12:12
astronomer from u.s. writes:, which is more stable at this point dps16 or awxx16? from what i've read, probably the dps16. i've heard that the new akai products have problems. what's the status of the dps24? looks better on paper than the awxx16s. any opinions? thanks.

posted Friday, 17-May-02 at 11:25
i mean kenton control freak,thx.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Thursday, 16-May-02 at 21:19
forget all these yammy crappy daw,ur lucky,at least 2816 got the better os (but still many bugs we all know),i used 4416 and its even more worse os,and mor expensive at the start of its,sell it and buy a pc,some hdr software,a good soundcard plus a behringer ddx3216 if u really want automated faders,or just a simple kenton freak can do the control works.period.

posted Thursday, 16-May-02 at 21:13
Truth a Professional user from usa writes:
I Loved the unit initially;I really did. I would buy another If they solved the problems with software and had a hard drive that didn't crash constantly. Mine became a doorstop in 21 days. Beware if the unit looses power you not only can loose your song but also all your data stored and even the operating system can crash. Yamaha even admits this in the manual. Internal Ibm Hd is glitchy and mine failed loosing all my hard work even though I backed-up. Their bigger unit the AW---- has had many problems look on the web! They lock-up and have similiar problem, because they use the same software, and Ibm hard drives. I want a Motif but am scared to buy one now.

posted Thursday, 16-May-02 at 14:48
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