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Average rating: 6.5/10 out of 10

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Robin a part-timer user from UK writes:
MBox2 is so disappointing. All the publicity lures you into thinking it should work without too much hard work, but it doesn't. I am now discovering that it is very fussy about what hardware you connect it to. Only certain external harddrives will work for example, some intel chipsets dont work with it, you have to load basic ide drivers etc. To be frank, for a professional piece of kit its very unprofessionally put together. I thought having the software and hardware linked (MBOx only works with Pro-tools) would make things easier but it doesn't. I find my Samplitude Music Studio software and my berhinger 2in-2out card works easier and the quality is almost as good. It isn't worth the extra hassle. I say avoid!

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Friday, 24-Oct-08 at 4:44
Dylan a Professional user from USA writes:
I had an Mbox lying around for a while, and finally thought it was time to use it. It was a total nightmare, but it wasn't it's fault. The laptop I planned to use it on was Windows Vista. DO NOT try to use an MBox with Vista. Pro Tools is very fussy with it, and they make it almost impossible to use it with. If you're reading this and you have Vista, buy the Lexicon Omega, you'll be happier!!

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Thursday, 22-May-08 at 16:34
bilco a part-timer user from US writes:
This is an old interface now, but I got an Mbox 1 used for $150 and downloaded PT LE 7.3. I am running it on a 12" ibook with only 768 Meg of RAM and I am very happy with the results. I have done A/B comparisons of the builtin preamps against my RNP preamps into a Digi002 Rack. I think the Mbox preamps hold up very well. I am recording vocals with an SM7b or SM57 and acoustic guitar with an SM81 and I really think it sounds good. The DI for my Pbass sounds clean and is usable, just a little boring.

The setup is very stable on my ibook. If I get carried away with putting a Dverb on every vocal track instead of using an aux track, it starts throwing errors, but I am getting 10-12 tracks (all I need) with Dverb on an Aux track and it works just fine.

No, it does not have state of the art preamps and A/D, D/A conversion, but I think I can cut a singer/songwriter CD using nothing but the Mbox. I have a Digi002 Rack and RNP as well, but I really prefer the mobility and all in one features that I get with the Mbox.

Regarding the compatibility issues: I have used everything from the Win98 version of PT Free, (which was notoriously glitchy), PT LE 5.1 for Win98, PT LE 6.4 for Mac and now PT LE 7.3 for Mac and I have never had any problems that could not be overcome with some reading of the compatibility documents and careful consideration before buying the computer. I give PT LE and the Mbox a solid 10 out of 10.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 06-Apr-08 at 23:0
Mick a part-timer user from Australia writes:
I bought a second hand M-box (which seem to be just as popular as the new M-Box 2) and had some initial problems. Firstly, if you buy an original M-Box and intend on using it on a PC, you MUST upgrade the M-Box firmware to the latest version. Its not scary and the upgrade program works within Windows - easy as!! Also don't even bother with any versions of ProTools for Windows prior to version 6.8, they appear to be a bit buggy. The new version 7.3 works flawlessly - I have not had one crash since using it. Most importantly, you MUST check the motherboard chipset on your intended PC with the compatible chipsets on Digidesign's website. If you don't, and you are using an incompatible chipset, you are in for misery. It doesn't matter how fast your processor is or how much RAM, it will crash constantly. This doesn't seem to be a fault in the M-Box but a problem with how some chipsets handle USB ports. I know some people have said that if you don't follow Digidesign's very strict instructions on disabling programs running in the background etc, the system may no t work but in my experience, a compatible chipset, reasonably fast processor and 1Gb or more of RAM and you shouldn't have any problems. As for sound quality, I've found the M-Box to be quiet and very transparent and ProTools easily beats all of the other DAW programs for ease of use. The fact ProTools uses RTAS pluggins instead of VST is a minor niggle but you can use a "VST Wrapper" program that will allow you to use most of your favourite VST pluggins with ProTools. Don't dismiss ProTools, it's powerful, easy to use and very professional and as the M-Box is designed to work seamlessly with it, you shouldn't have any problems.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 22-May-07 at 0:15
Leif Nicklas a Professional user from usa writes:
MBox 2 is a Nightmare! Came broken right out of the box, sent it back, came back broken again. Customer support is the worst I've ever experienced.

posted Monday, 23-Apr-07 at 17:19
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